8 Amazing Uses Of Banana Peel In The Garden

by Marry Dell
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Banana is one of the best fruits that contain a lot of vitamins good for health. It is a good friend for those who are on diet. However, the effects of bananas don’t stop here. According to research experts, the amount of phosphorus and potassium present in banana peels is also a very rich source of food for plants and soil. Because of its porous, soft, and thin structure, it can decompose quickly. Therefore, this is also considered as one of the useful organic fertilizers for plants.
8 Amazing Uses Of Banana Peel In The Garden
And in the post today, we are so glad to share 8 amazing uses of banana peel in the garden that you should try. Banana peels contain a wide range of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, calcium, manganese, sulfur, and magnesium, each of these nutrients plays a role in maintaining plant health. With these good nutrients of banana peel that it can give to the garden, let’s save them instead of throwing them out from now. To know how the best ways to apply the banana uses, check them out with us!

#1 Bug Buster

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Spray diluted banana peel fertilizer on plants to repel pests such as aphids. Burying chopped up banana peels around the base of plants will also keep aphids at bay. Banana peels and apple cider vinegar make a fantastic bug trap. Pour a small amount of apple cider vinegar into a jar and add a couple of tablespoons of chopped banana peel. Place a funnel in the container so the bugs can get in but not out. Discard after 48 hours and repeat the process.

#2 Plant a Peel

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Start the season off right by popping a part of the banana peel directly into the bottom of each hole as you transplant your tomatoes and other potassium-loving plants. The peel will break down quickly, giving your plant the nutrients it needs to do well.

#3 Give Seeds a Head Start

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Use banana peels to give seeds an extra boost while germinating. Pop a piece of banana into the hole and drop the seed in on top. Or place the seed directly on a piece of banana peel before covering it with soil.

#4 Banana Peel Powder

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Crush the dried peels into a fine powder using a mortar and pestle or an old coffee grinder. Keep the banana peel container in a sealed jar or baggie. Loosen the soil around the base of each plant and then sprinkle one or two tablespoons of the powder over the soil. Water the plant thoroughly and let the banana peel work its magic.

#5 Chopped Banana Peel Mulch

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Chop up several banana peels and add a small handful at the base of each of your potassium-loving plants. As the peels break down, they will release nutrients in the soil right where they’re needed most.

#6 Banana Peel Vinegar for Acid-Loving Plants

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Fermenting the banana peels will result in an acidic vinegar-like mixture. Acid-loving plants like blueberries and hydrangeas will do better with this fertilizer, rather than the standard banana peel fertilizer.

#7 Winter Soil Booster

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Once the growing season is finished, till or dig under banana peels throughout your garden. The peels will break down during the winter months, replenishing your soil with nutrients.

#8 Compost

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Like most vegetable and fruit scraps, banana peels are great for the compost bin. Banana peels, however, break down quicker than most scraps, making them perfect for the compost bin.

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