8 Amazing Uses Of Cinnamon To Plants

by Sasha Ridley
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I’ve been engaged in gardening for few years. Initially, I just wanted to make full use of my garden space by growing different veggies, flowers and herbs. A year later, I fall in love with my garden. It gives my family cool air, pretty flowers, and fresh vegetables. Then, watering plants at the end of the day becomes my favorite daily routine.

8 Amazing Uses Of Cinnamon To Plants

I prefer doing the gardening as naturally as possible. Cinnamon is one of my favorite. This post will let you know 8 amazing uses of cinnamon to plants. It’s normally added to foods (both savory and sweet) and drinks but is quite strange to gardeners. Not all know how it works with plants. If you are finding a remedy to heal your plants, cinnamon surely helps when used probably. Just scroll down to get all!

#1 Cinnamon saves seedlings

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If you want to prevent dampening off of seedlings, you can dust their soil with cinnamon. The reason is cinnamon has antifungal properties.

#2 Repel wild mushrooms

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Mushrooms are fungus and since cinnamon has antifungal properties, it controls mushroom’s growl effectively. All you need to do is to dust cinnamon all over the garden mulch.

#3 Serve as a rooting hormone

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Cinnamon is a natural and cheap rooting hormone that you can you can find at any store. Dry the cutting to slightly then apply cinnamon powder to the stem before you plant the cutting. It will help.

#4 Cinnamon scares off ants

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Cinnamon is an enemy of ants! To repel ants and some other pests, you just need to sprinkle cinnamon in your greenhouse or around your garden beds.

#5 Heals wounds of plants

If you want to heal the wounds of plants caused by overzealous pruning or a slip of the weed whacker, just go for cinnamon. Simply dust cinnamon on it, and the cinnamon even help prevent fungal infection.

#6 Repel furry pests

Just dust cinnamon along the outside of the garden to deter rabbits, squirrels and furry pests

#7 Deter flyinging bugs

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Cinnamon oil is a powerful deterrent for flying bugs like mosquitoes. Just dust cinnamon around the garden.

#8 Cinnamon for house plants

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Sprinkled a bit on the soil, cinnamon removes molds and mildew in house plants.

To let cinnamon best show off its uses, make sure that you buy “real” cinnamon. Some may contain sawdust inside it.

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