8 Common Weeds That Are Loved By Chickens

8 Common Weeds That Are Loved By Chickens

Have you ever thought that you will not need to deal with weeds when they pop out of the lawn yet? After reading the post today, you no longer have to grumble and groan about them again. And that is chickens-one of the new soldier that will help you clean out in your garden from weeds. So, that is the reason why in the post today we’ve listed a collection of 8 common weeds that your chickens love eating so much. Check them out with us!
8 Common Weeds That Are Loved By Chickens
Although these weeds are harmful to your garden, they also are considered as fresh greens that contain nutrients for your chicken. At the same time, you can save cash on chicken feed instead of buying expensive feed outside. Another great benefit to feeding weeds to chickens is it gives you an excuse to maintain your garden and landscaping. If you’re interested in feeding weeds to your chickens for all the wonderful benefits, the easiest way to do that is to let them free range on your property. They will naturally seek out weeds while they wander, and eat them to their heart’s content.

#1 Nettles

Nettles get a bad rap for their harsh sting, but they’re edible for humans and animals alike, and quite nutritious.

#2 Purslane

This succulent-looking weed is tasty and great for your flock. Purslane is usually found growing out of sidewalk cracks and patios.

#3 Bee Balm

This is a weed and is well-loved by chickens. This plant can be found in most gardens and is prized for its beautiful purple-pink flowers.

#4 Wood Sorrel/ Oxalis

The tender leaves of young Oxalis are devoured by chickens! Oxalis is one of those weeds you certainly don’t want popping up in your lawn, so they are on your garden, give it to the chickens instead.

#5 Clover

Clover is often mistaken for Oxalis but is a very different plant. Either way, it’s another one that chickens just love eating so much.

#6 Plantain

Plantain comes in leaf form and pops up in sandy soil. It has big, glossy heart-shaped leaves and is well-loved by chickens. It is also good for people and is famously used for its healing properties.

#7 Dandelion

Dandelion is a completely edible plant, it is for people and chickens alike. All parts of this plant are loved by chicken.

#8 Chickweed

The chicken’s love of this weed is right there in the name. Chickweed is one of the most common weeds and grows well in lawns, pastures, and forests.