8 Signs That Your Indoor Plants Require More Sunlight

by Marry Dell

    When it comes to houseplants, they are loved bringing indoors because of their easy-going growth characteristics such as needing low-light, watering occasionally, and other basic cares. For these reasons, they can do well in poor conditions, even survive in your oblivion. However, for the best growth, they also require essential elements. And have you ever noticed your plant leans towards light sources, leggy growth, or produces small leaves? If one of these signs appears means your plants are dealing with some problem and need your help.
    8 Signs That Your Indoor Plants Require More Sunlight
    You know that light is such a major factor in plant growth and vitality, if they don’t have the sun, they will fall and can’t grow as normal. Also, it powers photosynthesis, the process plants use to synthesize food. Every plant needs a different amount of light to grow, and when they do not get enough sun, they will sign some of the symptoms. To correct, give plants like this at least 2-3 hours of bright every day with direct sunlight for optimal growth. Keep reading to know what signs your plants are showing need more sunlight.

    #1 Brown Tips And Leaves

    Source: Georgeweigel

    If the leaves of your plants turn brown, it isn’t getting enough light or that your plant parts are being overtopped by water with too much fertilizer in. Giving the intensity of light and water only when soil is dry to correct this problem.

    #2 Soil Stays Wet For Long

    Source: Couchtohomestead

    To help your plants grow well, give them enough sun and air. If the soil doesn’t dry out for 3-5 days then this indicates a shortage of light or moisture in their current position.

    #3 Plant Moves To The Light’s Source

    Source: Alloprof

    If the parts of your plants do not receive enough sunlight, they have a natural tendency to stretch in the direction of light. They will become sick. To improve, rotate it to help your plants get enough light.

    #4 Faded Colors

    Source: Ambius

    Faded Colors are a sign that your plants are not getting enough sun. Variegated plants are more susceptible to fading than those with solid hues.

    #5 Smaller Leaves

    Source: Simplifyplants

    If your plants are appearing smaller leaves than they should be and dull foliage, there may not be enough sun for the roots.

    #6 Mushy Foliage

    Source: Davesgarden

    Mushy foliage is an indication that the plant has had enough water, but is desperate for sunlight.

    #7 Leggy Growth

    Source: Thehealthyhouseplant

    Leggy Growth is one of the most important signs of noticing your plants are need more sunlight.

    #8 Pause On Growth

    Source: Reddit

    If your plants have been grown in a few months, but they only try to survive and not thrive, it is probably an indication that you are giving them too little sun.

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