9 Best Indoor Plants To Grow In Water

by Sasha Ridley

    As indoor plants are an excellent green addition to our home, we love sharing useful information and tips about them. This post is about 9 best indoor plants to grow in water. That it is. They’re great to sit at any corner of the house and on your working desk. The reason is simple. These plant planters are clean and stylish. You just need to change their water regularly and place them in spots where they can get enough light to grow healthily. Beginners and lazy gardeners can definitely make a good job with this.


    Of course, these indoor plants still do well in soil in pots and containers. Growing them in water is just give them another proper living environment. They still get enough nutrition and moisture to grow. As many house plants can thrive in here, why not let them do what they’re supposed to do? This is a creative idea to make your gardening work more interesting. Let’s check them out!

    #1 Pothos

    Pothos do well in water. To propagate this indoor plant, take tip cuttings of any length and put the cut end into some water. Make sure that 2-3 nodes are submerged in water.

    #2 Peace Lily

    My favorite indoor plant is here. Pot up divisions or an entire plant, cleaned off all the soil from the roots, and put it in a bowl of water. Then, you’ve finished growing peace lily in water. Easy, right?

    #3 Philodendron

    The dainty heart-leaved philodendron grow quite well in water. Take 6-8 inch cuttings of growing tips and place in a container that can support its weight. Add in a piece of rock to prevent accidental tipping.

    #4 Chlorophytum (Spider plant, Airplane plant)

    Place large plantlets or whole plants that are washed off all soil particles in goldfish bowls full of water.

    #5 Chinese Evergreen

    You can start this DIY garden project with cuttings or entire plants that are cleaned off soil. Put them in large containers of water.

    #6 Dieffenbachia (Dumb cane)

    All you need to do is to put top growth and pot up in water after the cut end becomes dry. Be careful with its sap! It’s so caustic, then can burn your skin.

    #7 Dracena

    This is a popular Chinese lucky bamboo that does well in water. Sections of the cane can be rooted and grown in water.

    #8 Arrowhead

    To grow this indoor plant in water, you follow the same method as pothos do.

    #9 Aluminum Plant

    Take some cuttings and put it them in a bowl of water. They peform very well in water.

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