9 Companion Plants To Repel Aphids From Your Garden

by Marry Dell

    Your garden is filled with uninvited guests with tiny little bodies. These tiny insects, called aphids, can wreak havoc on your crops causing damage and bringing disease. If you want to find ways to control them, this post today will give you a great suggestion. That is companion plants! And here are 9 companion plants that will protect your garden from the attack of aphids. Explore them with us.
    9 Companion Plants To Repel Aphids From Your Garden
    These plants are quite popular, right? Most of them are herbs, others are beautiful flowers. So, when you plant them in your garden, apart from solving the problem of the garden effectively, they can give you flavorful herbs to make your dishes more delicious, even they can give your backyard beautiful landscaping. For good reasons, why you don’t give them space in your garden. Save and grow some to get rid of this harmful insect from your garden now.

    #1 Basil

    Basil’s strong scent disrupts the olfactory receptors in aphids and has a repellent effect, which will keep your plants free of aphids. Basil is a great companion for tomatoes, peppers, beans, eggplant, and asparagus to name a few.

    #2 Garlic

    Aphids, and many other pests, dislike garlic. Garlic’s strong scent disrupts the aphids’ sense of smell, keeping them away from your vegetables.

    #3 Onion

    Like garlic, onions are a member of the allium family, most of which will repel pests like aphids. Onions are good companions for brassicas like cabbage, kale, broccoli, and cauliflower.

    #4 Rosemary

    Rosemary is a very fragrant herb that can attract natural enemies of aphids.

    #5 Mint

    Like rosemary, mint contains volatile oils that can help repel aphids.

    #6 Catnip

    Catnip will also attract beneficial insects that can help you control aphid infestations.

    #7 Parsley

    Parsley will attract predatory wasps that feed on aphids. These wasps can help reduce aphid populations.

    #8 Nasturtium

    Nasturtiums are very attractive to aphids. They work as a trap plant, drawing aphids to them instead of to your vegetable crops.

    #9 Sunflowers

    Sunflowers are large and strong and able to withstand aphid attacks.

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