9 Tips To Have Healthy, Shiny And Silky Hair Without Visiting Hair Salons

by Shelly

    All of us aspire to have beautiful hair, and frequently, we visit salons for more professional hair treatments. You should, however, spend a few minutes analyzing your hair-care regimen. Nobody expects her hair to grow out unhealthy, right? Thus, what is better than having more attractive hair without paying hairstylists too much money? As you seize the textures of your hair the most, why don’t you try working out suitable hair-care routines for yourselves? Your hair might experience a transformation by doing so.

    Here we’ve put together 8 tips on how to properly care for your hair. Of course, none of them aggravates but only enhances your hair quality in the long run! No need to worry as they’re all costless!

    #1 Choose The Right Brush For Your Hair

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    It is important to pick a brush that matches the length and texture of your hair. A paddle brush or flat brush with boar bristles can perform effectively on long, straight hair. For frizzy hair, both a paddle brush and a round brush can handle your needs. Also, don’t forget to brush your hair properly because it helps remove damage and prevents split ends.

    #2 Make A Top Knot Bun

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    A top knot bun is a very adaptable style that can range from classy to casually elegant. To make it, tie your slightly damp hair into a high ponytail at the top of your head. Later, tuck the loose hairs inside the ponytail at the base and secure them with a hair tie to form the bun. Keep in mind to only use smooth scrunchies.

    #3 Get Beachy Waves With Two Buns

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    After massaging a non-sticky oil or conditioner through damp hair, divide it into two equal portions. Place a short lock of your hair on your index finger and blow dry it while doing the same with the remaining hair. Go to bed after making two loose buns of hair. Remember to untie the buns and put hairspray on them the next morning for gorgeous waves.

    #4 Do Cocoon Curls

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    You’d better try out cocoons as they’re easy to make for all sorts of hair. Your first step is dividing your hair into several portions and applying hair gel to each section individually. Later, you’ll need to twist each individual segment as tightly as possible and secure it with scrunchies or bobby pins. To get curly locks, leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes.

    #5 Use A Scarf Or Soft Cloth

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    Wrapping your hair in a scarf or soft cloth before bedtime is also recommended. Firstly, moisturize your hair thoroughly with water and apricot castor oil. Once you’re finished, smooth your hair evenly through all of the strands and bun it. Lastly, put a satin scarf over your hair and go to bed wearing it. Your hair will be smooth without being frizzy the next morning.

    #6 Get Curly Hair With Fabrics

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    To achieve this vintage-inspired curling look, prepare some rags that you can roll up your hair in. Curl your hair tightly with tiny pieces of fabric to prevent harm and part it anywhere on your scalp. Use a cloth strip to wrap each section and leave them overnight. Remember to take off the strips the next morning and use hairspray to style your curly hair.

    #7 Use Bobby Pins

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    With bobby pins and your fingertips, your straight hair can be given good curly twists. Firstly, apply some hair-setting mousse to your strands before retiring for the evening. Then, divide each slice into equal-sized pieces and wrap one piece around a bobby pin. Continue until all of your hair is covered and be ready. Don’t forget to remove the pins for early gorgeous curly curls.

    #8 Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase

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    The advantages of sleeping on pillowcases are many. As they are made of cooling and soothing silk or satin, as opposed to cotton, your hair can be kept smooth thanks to the less friction that your hair strands adapt to. Also, you’ll be able to maintain your hairdo so you can wear it the following day. What is simpler than this to achieve stunning hair?

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