9 Uses Of Cardboard For The Garden

by Marry Dell
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In addition to the packaging of goods in transportation, the carton has many uses in life. And using for the garden that is one of the other use that carton can bring to. So, if you put them in the trash, it is a waste! And in the post today, we will share 9 uses of cardboard for your garden. Cardboard is certainly a welcome sight in the eye of the gardener. Do you want to learn about them with them? Keep reading and see what they can bring.
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As you know, cardboard often free and fairly ubiquitous, but it is a biodegradable and earth-friendly material that enriches as it breaks down. Cardboard is a valuable source of carbon, one of the building blocks of life. As it decomposes, it supplies vital energy to the microbes that improve your soil quality and structure. After this post, let’s save and apply them in your garden right now!

#1 Sheet Mulching

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Cardboard is a perfect material for sheet mulching since it is slow to decompose and acts as a weed barrier. Sheet mulching is also known as “composting in place” because cardboard is made up of carbon while grass and weeds add nitrogen. As it degrades, it will nourish the soil.

#2 Suppress Weeds

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Beyond its use in sheet mulching, cardboard also makes for an excellent all-purpose weed barrier. Instead of pulling weeds up or using herbicides, cardboard simply smothers them and prevents them from receiving sunlight.

#3 Garden Cloches

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Sometimes gardeners have to get creative when caught off guard and unprepared for a sudden frost. Corrugated cardboard boxes offer the most protection against chilly conditions. These have pleated sheets sandwiched between two flat pieces of linerboard, which helps trap cold air for better insulation.

#4 Add To Your Compost

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Like dried leaves, straw, and wood chips, cardboard is a bulky material that is high in carbon. And you’ll need quite a lot of it to keep the microbes fat and happy. Shred or tear it up into 1-inch squares to help speed decomposition along.

#5 Seed Starter Pots

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Cardboard toilet paper tubes are a perfect size and shape for making little seed starter pots. Just make a few small cuts at one end and fold the flaps in to make a bottom. Add soil and plant your seeds. Once the seedlings are big and strong, plant them directly in the garden.

#6 Container Gardening

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Using cardboard boxes as plant containers or as raised beds is yet another cheap trick. Lasting just one season, cardboard planters can tide you over until you can build the garden of your dreams. They also lend themselves well to a child’s garden space. And when the season is finished, shred them up and toss in the compost.

#7 Potato Box

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All sorts of materials can be repurposed into a potato growing container, including cardboard boxes.

#8 Square Foot Gardening

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Square foot gardening is another great technique for maximizing crop yields in a small space. Cardboard boxes also provide a way to section off specific planting areas.

#9 Tree Protectors

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Protect your tree by taking a large piece of cardboard and bending it into a wide tube around the tree trunk. There should be a few inches of space between the cardboard and the tree trunk. Like paper tree protectors, cardboard wraps and guards will only last a season. Toss them in the compost when they need to be replaced.

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