9 Vegetables That Thrive In Your Apartment

by Marry Dell

    Prefer homegrown vegetables and herbs? Want to grow some favorite vegetables though your house doesn’t have a garden? This post comes as a solution. It introduces 9 vegetables that thrive in your apartment. This is handy for those who are currently living in an apartment. If you want to build an indoor vegetable garden or grow some plants on your balcony, this also helps.


    To plants these vegetables in your apartment, you should prepare containers. It comes in different sizes, depending on which veggies you grow. Keep your veggies in the place that they can get enough light for their healthy growth. And, don’t forget to give them enough water and proper care. These vegetable containers will add a splash of green color to your home, making them a charming home decor. When your veggies are ready to harvest, pick them up, and use for cooking. It’s worth waiting for!

    1. Tomatoes

    Tomatoes are among plants that you can grow at any place around your home. If you’re living in an apartment, grow them in pots. Give them proper light and water, they will grow healthily and produce much better than you think.

    2. Garlic Greens

    Garlic greens look a lot like spring onions. All you need to grow them indoor is a garlic bulb and a small pot of soil.

    3. Peppers

    As long as your apartment has a sunny spot that stays around 75+ degrees, you can grow peppers.

    4. Radishes

    Radishes are easy-to-grow and quick-to-harvest vegetables to grow indoor. You’re ready for cooking in just a few weeks.

    5. Lettuce

    Lettuce should never be ignored in this category. If you want fresh greens any time of year, just grow it inside, in a southern-facing window.

    6. Bell Peppers

    You can also plant sweet bell peppers in your place. Prepare an accommodate a large pot (up to 2 gallons) for them so that they can grow healthily.

    7. Carrots

    All it takes to grow carrots indoor is an 8-inch pot and seeds or seedlings. Seedlings bought at the nursery are easier to care for. You may even grow your carrots window box.

    8. Green Beans

    Your home offers a little spot that gets around 8 hours of sunlight per day? Grow green beans in here. Just make sure to give them a small trellis to support their healthy growth.

    9. Scallions

    You can grow scallions indoor in a glass of water or in a pot with soil. Keep them on the sunny windowsill for their best growth.

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