A Couple Made An Awsome Built-in Bookcase That Went Viral

There’s something so wonderful and happy about seeing a full bookshelves incorporated into the home design. Despite of being a book lover, I’ll never buy a Kindle or any E-reader. The reason is that my books are an important part of my house and I love to show them to my guests.

One lovely couple built themselves a custom bookcase and slayed it. Take your time to look at the process.

Jess and Sinclair Breen are a happy couple from Australia who also own their own construction and home renovation company.

They just shared one of their home projects for the Australian show named The Block. Their stunning bookcase design immediately went viral.

Here’s the very first step.

Many boards were measure, pre-cut, and pre-drilled by a cabinet maker. That looks like a lot of boards for one bookshelf.

Because the holes in the boards were pre-drilled, the couple had to line up the holes and screw them together.

All those boards would make 36 individual boxes in total. I feel like I’ll never turn down a reason to use the power drill!

When the boxes were done, Jess and Sinclair Breen arranged them on a large piece of medium density fiberboard.

They couldn’t attach the boxes directly to their wall because the correct framing wasn’t on right place. So they used a piece of MDF to make a “fake” wall.

When the MDF was in place on the wall, they began attaching the boxes.

They had to trace out where each box would go, line up the outline with the box and screw it in right place.

The next step.

Each box had to be perfectly aligned, if not, it would have ruined the whole design.

Almost done…

All the screws were patched up to make a seamless effect and hide those ugly metallic tops. This looks like the floating bookcase of my dreams.

The grand reveal.

Such an awsome look! With the books filled, this shelving unit is both practical and beautiful. I admit that the organization solutions can definitely double as decor.

Here it is! A creative library for their children.

This project had a very simple beginning but ended with a remarkable look. This bookshelves are the perfect solution to encourage kids reading (and adults, too).

How beautiful is it!

Do you know why this custom bookcase has gone viral yet? It looks like a pretty flower on the wall and inspires people to read books everyday.