Awesome DIY Bottle Projects To Decorate Your Home

by Marry Dell

    Instead of throwing your empty wine bottles, let’s save and there are so many ideas that are waiting for you to create in the collection today. Some of these wine bottle projects can be given as a gift and some can spruce up any of your interior or exterior in a flash. Whatever purpose, there’s no shortage of wine bottle craft ideas here. As for what you can make with your old wine bottles, the possibilities are endless!
    Awesome DIY Bottle Projects To Decorate Your Home
    As you can see, some of these repurposed DIY wine bottle craft ideas are quite simple. They can be made with nothing more than a little paint and a lot of imagination. The list includes inspiration that lends itself to a host of uses for budget-friendly backyard items, such as tiki torches or hanging wine bottle planter. All of them are listed here for you, if you are a creative lover, you will love these DIY projects, and sure to exercise your creativity!

    #1 Wine Bottle Art Home Decor

    Image Credits: Pinterest

    #2 DIY Furniture Repurpose

    Image Credits: Pinterest

    #3 Bottle Stopper Coral Reef

    Image Credits: Loving Rooms

    #4 Hanging Wine Bottle Lights

    Image Credits: Rengusuk

    #5 Bottle Lamps Magical Party Decor Idea

    Image Credits: Theseamanmom

    #6 Wine Bottle Wall Vase

    Image Credits: Shanty-2-chic

    #7 Wine Bottles Plate

    Image Credits: Drinksfeed

    #8 DIY Wine Bottle Planter for Succulents

    Image Credits: Succulentsandsunshine

    #9 Frosted Wine Bottle Wall Light Lamp Etsy

    Image Credits: Etsy

    #10 Turning Wine Bottles Into Rustic Chic Wall Decor

    Image Credits: Homesteading

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