Banish “I’m Bored” From Kids With 30 Cute Pipe Cleaner Crafts

Looking for adorable crafts to make with your kids? This post is right up your street. It shares 30 cute pine cleaner animals and crafts to banish “I’m bored” from your kids. Fun and quite easy to make, these are enough for DIY kid projects. Weekend is coming, why don’t you let these challenge the creativity of your kids? They will get a lot of fun after that.


To make these animals, you need to prepare only 4 main materials, including pipe cleaners, googly eyes, hot glue, and of course, a scissors. When I tried this project with my kids, I got a surprise. My kids were much more cleverer than I thought. They made up prettier pipe cleaner crafts than I did. They even instructed me how to do that. And we got memorable sharing time together. It was rainy outside at that time but we still felt good. And you, ready to do these with your kids? Let’s get started!

#1 Pig

#2 Turtle

#3 Fish

#4 Pipe Cleaner Fishing Game

#5 Crab

#6 Pipe Cleaner Cork Chick Crafts

#7 Feathered Birds

#8 Pipe Cleaner Flowers

#9 Pencil Topper

#10 Finger Puppets

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