17 Beautiful and Cheap Garden Edging Ideas For Your Garden

17 Beautiful and Cheap Garden Edging Ideas For Your Garden

#11 Bamboo garden edging

If you ever want to go oriental, bamboo garden edging is a great choice. Bamboo is easy to procure, it is relatively cheap and you can completely design it DIY.

#12 River rock edging

The good thing about river rocks is that they can come free if you know what sizes to pick and what colors you want to combine together. It does give a neat touch to the landscape. However, you will need a good adhesive to make it stand still like these ones.

#13 Vegetable garden edging

Vegetable garden edging like this is a great idea that not only give you have an impressive landscape but also have a tasty and organic vegetable on the daily meal. The material could be made of concrete or metal but it is always more classic to look at with wood material.

#14 Path edging

The main reason for this is to technically make a pathway that will lead somewhere while accentuating plants and other scenes while being on the way.

#15 Japanese garden edging

Unlike bamboo edging, this design is really the oriental thing by combining more than two landscaping elements like concrete and stones, slates and wood, etc.

#16 Recycled garden edging

If you have a lot of none-used bottles, don’t throw them out, save and give them a new mission like this.

#17 Cheap garden edging

If you are thinking of recyclable bottles, plastic materials, old pipes, bamboo, pebbles, stones, and gravel, cheap garden edging is very possible and you can do anytime.

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