Beautiful Silver Foliage Plants To Brighten Up Your Yard

by Marry Dell

    Only has green color in your garden, it is boring, right? This collection today will help change the look of your landscape. That is Silver Foliage Plants! Has your garden grown this type? If not yet, after reading this post, let’s try some with us. And here are the 17 Beautiful Silver Foliage Plants to Brighten Up Your Yard. Keep reading to know why they become bright candidates that we want to share today.
    Beautiful Silver Foliage Plants To Brighten Up Your Yard
    The silvery foliage has a precious and bright appearance that adds contrast and interest. It not only brightens up the dull, dark corner but also accentuates the plants and flowers of other colors around it. They look especially good when combined with plants with pink, white, blue, and even burgundy flowers. That is the reason why so many silver-leaved plants are highly prized, even when they produce no remarkable flowers. So, check them out to find some that will work effectively in your yard.

    #1 Silver Sage “Salvia”

    #2 Dusty Miller

    #3 Curry Plant

    #4 Rose Campion

    #5 Silvermound Artemisia

    #6 Japanese Painted Fern

    #7 Heuchera “Sugar Frosting”

    #8 Buddleja ”Silver Anniversary”

    #9 Lamb’s Ear

    #10 Brunnera Macrophylla “Jack Frost”

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