I’m a plant-lover, but there is one popular problem. I have no idea how to take care of them! I feel like I do all the best for them, like staring at the soil to see whether it needs water, bringing them into the sun, and even talking to them (sometimes love makes us freaky).
    Sadly, although I put so much effort on them, they just end up wilting on me. Don’t get me started on my succulents.
    If you are on the same situation like me, then you’ll absolutely need this planter which tells you when your lovely plant needs water and sunlight! How smart they are!

    This anthropomorphic planter is called a Lua planter by Mu Design.

    This smart planter will tell you about the health of your plant based on its facial expressions.

    This is an amazing planter that I couldn’t imagine!

    The planter connects to the Lua app by QR code, where you input your plant.

    There are so many different kinds of facial expressions. If the tongue sticks out, which means that your plant needs water.
    My favorite is certainly the vampire fangs, which signal that it needs more sunlight. That could be risky though because I would want to keep it on that one!

    The planters can also look sad, grumpy and happy

    The super crazy part? It can detect movement and its eyes will follow the motion. When there’s no movement around it, it simply goes to sleep.

    Kind of freaky, but super fun.

    Now it’s not available for purchase just yet. However, the company is looking forward to release it on this December. If you like it, then don’t forget to keep your eye out!

    This is totally a perfect purchase for plant lovers who want to communicate with their plants. This Lua planter will change the way you care your plants.

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