Best Natural Ways To Protect Your Garden From Snails and Slugs That Your Should Know

by Marry Dell

    Snails and slugs are a type of mollusks that often appear in vegetable gardens. They appear and harm any vegetables so all vegetable growers want to exterminate them. They breed very quickly when it rains. They often crawl out to eat at night and can devastate vegetable gardens at a very fast, just in a few days. To kill them, people often catch by hand. But this is quite laborious and they still exist. So in today’s article, we are so glad to introduce you some effective ways to eradicate this pest from your garden.

    Best Natural Ways To Protect Your Garden From Snails and Slugs That Your Should Know

    And here are 7 Best Natural Ways To Protect Your Garden From Snails and Slugs That Your Should Know. These ways are easy, simple without requiring lots of effort that anyone can make. Moreover, they are very effective and safe because you do not have to use chemicals to kill them. Hopefully, by these methods, your vegetable garden is always fresh, avoiding the destruction of snails. Let check them out with us.

    #1 Beer Traps

    To make your own beer traps, simply bury a recycled can or plastic container in the soil and fill it with beer. Snails and slugs will be attracted to the beer (because it contains yeast and the carbohydrates) go for a sip, fall into the cup and drown. Interesting way to try!

    #2 Crushed Egg Shell

    Crushed eggshells will deter snails and slugs from your garden vegetable plants due to its abrasiveness to their soft bodies. Additionally, eggshells provide calcium and other nutrients to the soil.

    #3 Use Sandpaper to Deter Slugs

    Sandpaper as eggshells is too painful for the snails and slugs to cross.

    #4 Catch Slugs with Citrus

    Another great alternative is to put citrus rinds around the yard, which is very attractive to snails.

    #5 Salt Solution

    Sprinkle the salt around your plants. The salt dries them out, so snails and slugs won’t go near. Don’t put the salt on the plants, it will kill them!

    #6 Coffee Ground

    Using coffee grounds is recommended as a way to keep slugs and snails at bay. Coffee makes a great fertilizer too!

    #7 Chickens or Ducks

    Just need 1 or 2 chickens or ducks, they will help you destroy the obnoxious snails

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