Best Outdoor Plants Grow Well Indoors

by Marry Dell

    Outdoor plants display their beauty under the warmth and light of the sun that makes you want to bring them indoors to enjoy anytime. But you worry about the change in the living environment. Luckily, some plants are fairly flexible about living indoors or outdoors. And in the post today, we will give you the 13 Best Outdoor Plants that can create an indoor garden that you will love. Keep reading to explore them with us.
    Best Outdoor Plants Grow Well Indoors
    In order to thrive indoors, most of these plants will need full sun. So, if you have large window space, it is an ideal condition for their growth. In addition, they also require other basic care such as nutrient soil, enough water. When getting these essential elements for growth, they will give the best beauty to your home with a stunning look. Are you ready to bring some of them into your living space? Try growing them and let the green screen brings a new life to your home!

    #1 Hibiscus

    Image Credits: Washingtonpost

    You can grow this beautiful Hibiscus in small containers, it will grow well indoors and offers blooms all winter when placed on a sunny window.

    #2 Geranium

    Image Credits: Balconygardenweb

    Geraniums can thrive best near a south-facing window. Providing the plant with lots of sunlight for flowering.

    #3 Majesty Palm

    Image Credits: The Spruce

    Majesty palms give beautify tropical for both indoor and outdoor spaces. They can grow in shade and need high humidity for optimum growth.

    #4 Sweet Potato Vine

    Image Credits: Southernliving

    Sweet Potato Vine gives heart-shaped burgundy leaves to brighten up any of your space. It looks great as both groundcover and container plant

    #5 Bengal Fig

    Image Credits: PlantingTree

    Bengal Fig is an air-purifying houseplant that can grow up to 5-8 feet tall indoors.

    #6 Myrtle

    Image Credits: Eizabethgracegardens

    When you can grow evergreen myrtle in pots indoors, let’s provide it sufficient humidity, light, and water if the soil becomes dry.

    #7 Caladium

    Image Credits: Jungalow

    Caladium is a beautiful outdoor plant that you can grow indoors. The plant brings a range of beautiful varieties with diverse variegation, prominent midribs, varied margins, and textures with shades of white, green, rose, pink, or red.

    #8 Elephant Ears

    Image Credits: Hallmarkchannel

    Elephant Ears does well at a spot when they receive bright light all day long.

    #9 Persian Shield

    Image Credits: Balconygardenweb

    Persian Shield grows well indirect bright light and enjoys humidity. It has striking purple-blue foliage that can add a touch of solid color to your room decor.

    #10 Rex Begonia

    Image Credits: Fine Gardening Magazine

    Rex Begonia has striking foliage available in a range of sizes, shapes, patterns, textures, and colors that will make gorgeous house plants.

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