Brilliant DIY Floor Lamp Ideas

When it comes to decorating, stylish lighting can become a key part of the room, is a part of the decor, and part of the utility. They stand on their own and make a distinct impression even when they’re not in use. In the post today, we’ve listed 18 Brilliant DIY Floor Lamp Ideas that you could create your own floor lamp design. Light up the living room, bedroom, or even the craft room with these lamps.
Brilliant DIY Floor Lamp Ideas
These lamps are made out of unused items such as wind bottles, branch trees, bamboo, PVC pipes, tin cans. From simple natural lamps to recycled lamps, our floor lamps are available in a variety of styles to provide light for reading or add a warm glow to a space. Whether you’re looking for something budget-friendly or decorating your rooms, there’s sure to be something here for you. These funky floor lamps will upgrade all rooms in your house with the flick of a light switch. If you are interested in them, save and try some!

#1 Wine Bottle Floor Lamp

Source: Custommade

#2 DIY Tree Branch Floor Lamp

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#3 Bamboo Floor Lamp

Source: Bambooban

#4 PVC Pipe Floor Lamp

Source: Carrie Blake

#5 A Table Lamp From Plastic Bottles

Source: Instructables

#6 Pipe Floor Lamp

Source: Lowes

#7 Driftwood Floor Lamp

Source: Next

#8 DIY Rope Lamp

Source: Thelilypadcottage

#9 Floor Lamp Wood Light

Source: Etsy

#10 Tin Can Floor Lamp

Source: Diynetwork

#11 Birch Branch Floor Lamp

Source: Ikeahackers

#12 Vintage Surveyor Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

Source: Thekimsixfix

#13 Teapots As Floor Lamp

Source: Flickr

#14 Cement And Pipe Floor Lamp

Source: Insplosion

#15 Floor Lamp With Twigs

Source: Endecodeclic

#16 Climbing Ropes Into Lamps

Source: Recyclart

#17 A Unique Denim And Vintage Map Lampshade

Source: Pillarboxblue

#18 Old Books Floor Lamp

Source: Pinterest

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