Collection of 13 Stunning Black Houseplants

by Marry Dell

    If you are looking for something to make your house more attractive and impressive, you are on the right track. In the post today, we are so glad to introduce 13 stunning black houseplants that everyone will fall in love with when staying in front of them for the first time. They are not colorful, they just have a black color but it is the real their magic. Their beauty in this color is a weapon to brighten up any interior inside by the contrast they can create. And to know what they are, keep reading.
    Collection of 13 Stunning Black Houseplants
    Giving them a look, you will see that they are so beautiful, right? Plants of darker shade have an exotic appearance that appeals to many people. Each has its own beauty, it means you will have different experiences. So if you are among those who are attracted by black plants, then having one indoors makes sense.

    #1 Rubber Plant

    The rubber plant has dark burgundy leaves, it looks very black.

    #2 Black Pansies

    When it comes to black indoor plants, the black pansy will blow your mind. Grow it near a window that receives several hours of sunshine.

    #3 Aeonium “Black rose”

    It’s a succulent that’s prized for the geometrically perfect rosette of fleshy and dark burgundy leaves.

    #4 Chinese Jade

    The leaves are closely packed and, with time, form clumps of rosettes. It can grow on your desk if you expose it to direct sunlight and water occasionally.

    #5 Burgundy Ripple

    Heart-shaped dark green leaves are variegated with reddish-purple veins over it. Flowers grow on tall stalks that rise from the center of the plant. Just keep it in direct partial light and water moderately.

    #6 Black Prince Echeveria

    Black Prince Echeveria’s rosette develops slowly. Flowers grow on stalks from late fall to early winters. Keep it near a south-facing window, and it’ll continue to adorn the dark armor for a long time to come.

    #7 Black Velvet

    Its close to black, velvety leaves will tempt you to caress them gently every time you’re around the plant! The silver veining further adds to its beauty as the leaves unfurl into thick velvet masterpieces.

    #8 Black Magic (Taro)

    The heart-shaped, dark plum-colored leaves of Black Magic. The plant can grow up to 2-3 feet high easily, with leaves expanding to 3 feet.

    #9 Living Stone

    These fascinating succulents are a thing of beauty, doing best in full sunlight and partial shade.

    #10 Black Hens and Chicks

    The large rosette is called the ‘Hen’ turning into a dark shade of purple, whereas smaller rosettes are called ‘Chicks.’ You can multiply this black succulent plant easily by replanting ‘Chicks’ and have a mini black plant garden.

    #11 Haworthia Nigra

    This unbelievably slow-growing plant attains a height of just 10 inches but it has stunning black, 3-tiered foliage. It can be an ideal showpiece for your tabletops.

    #12 Raven

    Raven or Zz has a class of its own when it comes to Black Indoor Plants. With deep green foliage and having a certain sheen to it, this plant takes the darkness to a height of 3-4 feet!

    #13 Coleus

    This plant hase dark leaves, a deep shade of purple. Keep coleus in warm room temperature and provide filtered sunlight.

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