Collection of 9 Most Clever Gardening Tips

by Marry Dell
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Gardening is not hard, evenly it is a fun hobby. For many people, it can help them relax and connects with nature. And if you are a garden-lover garden, you want to begin your own garden, this post today will help you succeed in creating the garden. Here is a collection of the 9 most clever gardening tips that you will fall in love with. Just scroll down to the end to get to know all of them, are you ready?
Collection Of 9 Most Clever Gardening Tips
As you see, they are “trash”, which are ground coffee, old milk jug, cooking water. But not, they absolutely can help you a lot in gardening. Just giving them a chance, they will become great companions that you never think about before. For instance, eggshells will be an ideal container to sow your seeds or improve the moisture of soil by using unused diapers. And more secrets, taking them a try for your organic garden and they promise to keep you satisfied.

#1 Cinnamon

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Cinnamon contains antifungal qualities that are great for your new seedlings. So, it can prevent and even stop diseases on seedlings using cinnamon. Simply sprinkle it on the affected seedlings to kill off any fungi and stop any potential spread of the ailment.

#2 Use An Old Jug As A Sprinkler

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Instead of buying a sprayer outside, you can use an old milk jug instead. Poking holes in the lid so that water can flow through just like a hand sprayer on your hose. Then, just fill the jug with water and you can use it to water your plants.

#3 Keep Pests Away With Coffee Grounds

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When drinking coffee, don’t throw away those coffee grounds. There are many other gardening benefits of using coffee grounds. For instance, it can keep many pests like snails, ants, and slugs away from your plants with coffee grounds. Use it as an organic mulch and apply a half-inch layer around your plants. Plus, coffee grounds can increase the nutrition the plants need as it acts as a fertilizer. It contains manganese, calcium, zinc, and iron, which can stimulate plant growth.

#4 Water The Plants With Cooking Water

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After boiling or steaming vegetables and even eggs, don’t pour the water down the drain. Let it cool and use it to water your garden. Using cooking water can help fertilize plants because it’s full of the nutrients from the vegetables you boiled.

#5 Keep Critters Out Of The Garden

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Whatever critter is invading your garden, you can keep them out with plasticware. Just stick the knives, forks, and spoons in the garden soil to make a maze for the critters. You just want to stand them up in the soil so that the critters can’t walk comfortably through the garden.

#6 Propagate Cuttings With Honey

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Honey contains enzymes that help promote root growth. It helps plant cuttings in setting roots and to propagate easily. It is a natural antiseptic, too. It also contains anti-fungal properties. Dip each cutting in honey before planting them to help them root. Honey also saves the plants from fungal problems later.

#7 Use Diapers To Improve Moisture

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Using diapers in the bottom of a potted plant can help it retain moisture. Lay the diapers with the absorbent side up and it will improve the moisture for a long time. You can replace the diapers as needed. You can also open the diapers and scrape out the gel inside and use it mixed in your soil to help it retain moisture better.

#8 Use Coffee Filters To Improve Water Retention

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When planting in containers, use a coffee filter in the bottom to keep water from flowing straight through when watering your plants. Just open it up and set it in the bottom of your container and then add your potting soil and plant. The coffee filter will allow the water to drain, but it will drain slower so that the plant has the time to take up the needed moisture.

#9 Using Eggshells For Seeding

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You can give your seeds a great start in used eggshells. They will take up nutrients from the shells. Once it’s time to transplant your seedlings, just crack the shell a bit and plop them in the soil. The eggshells are great for the soil and the plant roots will make contact with the new soil.

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