Collection of Best Herbs That Are Good For Women

by Marry Dell

    Most of you maybe don’t know the true effects of herbs, right? They not only help your daily dishes more delicious and look more beautiful but also have another special effect, which is the health of women. This is the reason why in the article today, we want to introduce their names and their uses, and here is a collection of 13 best herbs that are good for women that you should know. Check them out to know more detail.
    Collection of Best Herbs That Are Good For Women

    Taking them a look, you will see that they are popular herbs. You can grow them any condition and just require minimal care. Besides, most of these herbs don’t need to take much space and can be grown in a balcony or even indoors on a windowsill. Moreover, with the amazing benefits that they bring to health, don’t hesitate, let’s give them a small space at your home? Here we go!

    #1 Sage

    Sage prevents the chances of cancer in women. It is also loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, that help to reduce bad cholesterol, and improves brain health too. It eases the intensity of menopause symptoms like pain and hot flashes. Sage is also used as a brain-enhancing tonic. Blend chopped sage with butter and enjoy on toast. Use as a garnish on soups or mix into stuffing in roast cuisines.

    #2 Cilantro

    Cilantro can lower down the chances of cancer in women. The herb also has pain-relieving effects that could come handy during menstrual cramps in women. The fresh leaves of cilantro are a great addition to pesto, dressings, salsa, chutney, dips, sauces, and salads. You can also use its seeds for pickling.

    #3 Parsley

    Apigenin can prevent the chances of breast cancer. It also contains high vitamin C content that can prevent lines and wrinkles in women. The mild taste of fresh leaves pairs well with salads, veggies, and while marinating meat. You can also use chopped leaves with mint leaves and olive oil.

    #4 Basil

    Basil can be of great help to women suffering from stomach cramps and menstrual pains. It is also a great herb to include in the diet to improve kidney function. Fresh basil leaves taste great with pizza, soups, sauces, salads, and stir-fried vegetables. You can also include it in herbal tea.

    #5 Thyme

    Thyme can lower down the problem of blood pressure in women and protect against the chances of breast cancer in women. The leaves pair great with rice dishes and veggies. You can also use it with other herbs like oregano and marjoram in French and Italian cuisines.

    #6 Rosemary

    Rosemary improves mood and relieves stress caused by the hormone imbalances in women. It also helps in weight control and limits weight, which can be of great help for women after pregnancy. Use fresh leaves to season soups, salads, and stews. It also tastes great with meat, especially fish and chicken.

    #7 Chasteberry/Vitex

    Also known as the monk’s pepper, this popular herb prevents miscarriage, infertility, endometriosis, and PMS. You can include the leaves in herbal teas.

    #8 Chamomile

    Chamomile is known for treating menstrual cramps and mood swing that comes along. It clears and moisturizes skin and hair conditions. Drinking chamomile tea helps in better sleep and reduces stress.

    #9 Black Cohosh

    A flowering herb native to North America, it can be great for a woman’s health! A study done at Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Iran states that this herb will be effective in treating early symptoms of menopause. You can add the petals of its flowers in salads or teas.

    #10 Nettle

    Nettle is a great herb to relax painful muscles and cramps. It contains anti-pain and anti-arthritis properties. It gives the body a dose of iron and helps to replace nourishment, which is lost during heavy bleeding, as shown by a study. Use its fresh leaves in herbal teas. (Note: Do not touch the plant with bare hands because of the small hair on the stems and leaves contain formic acid, which may cause skin irritation.)

    #11 Raspberry

    This juicy sweet berry contains beneficial nutrients and iron, which helps in reducing nausea and other health conditions during the menstrual cycle. During pregnancy, it is beneficial for both the mother and the child. It is also useful in strengthening the uterus and helps in preventing excessive bleeding after childbirth. Red raspberry leaf herbal tea is widely used across the globe.

    #12 Dong Quai

    Dong Quai roots are used in the preparation of herbal medicines. It is also used to treat various ailments like menopausal symptoms, dehydration, arthritis, and insomnia. Products containing Dong Quai assists in purifying blood, de-pigmentation, and in the treatment of joint pain. Leaves and flowers can be used in tea and dress dishes.

    #13 Fenugreek

    Fenugreek leaves are low in calorie and high in soluble fiber, which makes it one of the best herbs for women in their post-pregnancy weight-loss journey. Additionally, fenugreek seeds possess anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that reduce menstruation cramps. It is also a great herb to increase milk supply in feeding mothers.

    You can make juice with fresh or dried leaves or add into salads, soups, meat, and vegetable dishes. Seeds can be sprouted and added to salads.

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