Creative and Cool DIY Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Creative and Cool DIY Bathroom Shelf Ideas

The limited space of the bathroom always isn’t enough to storage with so much clutter, maybe they are the stacks of towels, wash clothes that need a shelf, bottles of shampoo, or bars of soap, and more. However, we can absolutely utilize the many stylishly savvy ways to store and display them. A shelf is a great method! And these 18 DIY shelving ideas in this collection today will increase the storage space in your bathroom.
Creative and Cool DIY Bathroom Shelf Ideas
These ideas not only help you benefit from having more storage but also decorate your bathroom more impressive. From repurposed ladders or old wooden pallets to egg basket shelves, there are a number of clever editorial-worthy ways to add some edge to your bathroom while eliminating cumbersome clutter. All of them are carefully selected and curated to help you begin successfully and easily. Just with little imagination and elbow grease you will create magic shelves for your bathroom space.

#1 DIY Wooden Shelf

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#2 Swing and Rope DIY Shelf

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#3 Wooden Ladder Shelf

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#4 Wooden Slab Shelves

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#5 Basket Shelves

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#6 Egg Basket Shelf

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#8 Rustic Pallet Shelf

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#10 Rope and Wooden Ladder Hanging Shelf

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