Creative Ideas For Wine Cork Reindeer Craft DIY Project

What craft project are you going to make on this Christmas? Here at 1millionideas we always bring the best and ever bold ideas for you! Check this out!

With all those leftover wine corks you can make a cute present for your friends. Certainly, you’ve been collecting them for years, and now they’re just in the bottle or under the bed.

Luckily, I have the perfect idea for you this holiday. Only with 3 corks, several sewing pins, pipe cleaners and glue, you can make these cute reindeer!

They are not only adorable but also easy to make. I searched the internet for tips on how to make them and settled on a combination of Thrifty Fun’s craft and Mom’s Menu Planner‘s advice — and frankly, some of the items I used were leftover pieces from other crafts.

Now we will try to make it! Here are the materials I used and the crafting instructions, step by step. Some of the cuts are hard to explain in writing, so be sure to watch the crafting video below to follow.

Materials (for 3 reindeer)

  • 9 wine corks (3 per reindeer)
  • 6 black sewing pins
  • Red ribbon — approx. 12 inches total
  • 3 small red pom-poms
  • 2 dark-brown pipe cleaners
  • 1 tan/light brown pipe cleaner
  • Glue gun
  • Knife

Step 1: Cut the legs

  • Cut wine cork No. 1 equally in half, like you’re sawing a log.
  • Flip each piece and cut perpendicular to the original cut. The cork should be in four equal pieces. Set aside.

Step 2: Cut the head and neck

  • Take cork No. 2 and cut horizontally (like a log) but make one piece 2/3 and the other 1/3 in size. This will make the head and neck.

Step 3: Glue legs, neck and head to the body

  • Now go back to the four pieces of cork No. 1. Glue these four pieces to the bottom of cork No. 3 (the whole one), like table legs. This will make the deer’s legs.
  • On one end of the body of the deer, glue on the neck and the head.

Step 4: Add the tiny details

  • Take two sewing pins (cut to a shorter length so they don’t poke through the cork) and glue them in the head as eyes.
  • Cut 4 dark brown pieces of pipe cleaner. Twist them around each other to make an antler. Do this with the other two pieces to make the 2nd  antler. Glue both antlers to the back of the reindeer’s head.
  • Cut two small pieces of light brown pipe cleaner. Glue to next to the antlers to make the ears.
  • Cut another small piece of light brown pipe cleaner and glue to the back of reindeer to make the tail.
  • Glue one red pom pom to its face to make the deer’s nose
  • Make a bow out of ribbon and glue to the front of the reindeer (if you want).

You can make your holiday colorful with this wine cork reindeer craft. This adorable simple decorations can be used for food place cards. You also just put it on Christmas tree. We wish you a merry Christmas!