Creative Upcycled Chair Planter Ideas

by Marry Dell

    Do you love having unique and different items that appear in your garden? If yes, our chair planter ideas will surely interest you. Here are 20 Creative Upcycled Chair Planter Ideas that will create unique pieces for their garden. With just a bit of paint and some quick alterations, you can transform your old, worn dining chair into beautiful, creative planters.
    Creative Upcycled Chair Planter Ideas
    If you have old chairs somewhere in the corner of your house, don’t think about throwing them out. After reading these ideas here, you will have your own artwork. Some of these projects can even still be used as a comfortable chair, while others are strictly for display, but each piece is beautiful and unique, with styles for every taste. It’s time to create new, exciting displays for your garden!

    #1 Rustic Chair Planter

    #2 Painted Chair Planter

    #3 Painted Sunshine Chair

    #4 Pink Chair Planter

    #5 Succulent Chair Planter

    #6 Farmhouse Red Chair Planter

    #7 Old Tin Watering Can With Cane Chair

    #8 Ladderback Chair

    #9 French Garden Chair

    #10 Vintage Chair Planter

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