Creative Ways To Use Egg Cartons

by Marry Dell

    Have you ever think about reusing your old egg cartons instead of throwing them in the trash yet? Let’s try some with great ideas in the post today, and here are 7 creative ways to use egg cartons that you will fall in love with, even your kids also will interest. To know what they are, let explore them with us right now!

    Creative Ways To Use Egg Cartons

    Taking them a look, they are easy to make at home. It may be a cute craft for your kids with simple steps, others can be applied in the garden and your home such as starting seeds, bird feeders, or packing material… with simple things to support you without spending a lot of your time. Moreover, these ideas are useful in daily that you can take advantage of them. If you are a creative-lover, let’s start with them!

    #1 Starting Seeds

    The cardboard cartons have perfectly sized compartments for growing seedlings. Once the plants are big enough to be transferred to your garden, no need to scoop them out. Just cut out the individual cups of the carton and place them directly into the soil. The paper will eventually break down as the plants grow.

    #2 Bird Feeders

    If you love to watch birds from your window, it’s easy and fast to set up an egg carton bird feeder. All you need is the carton, some seed, and some string. Cut the carton, fill it with seed, and then hang it from your favorite tree.

    #3 Packing Material

    One of the most useful things you can do with old egg cartons is to repurpose them into packing material. Cut the lid off the cartons and use the egg-cradling bottoms to line a box of fragile items. You can also cut up the cartons to use in place of packing peanuts.

    #4 Fire Starters

    If you have a fireplace, like to build fires in an outside fire pit or go camping, you’ve probably used fire starters to get your fire going quickly. Save your egg cartons and you won’t ever have to buy fire starter sticks again.

    #5 Feed Your Compost

    If you have a compost bin, you may already be throwing in your eggshells, but don’t leave out the cardboard carton! Tear the carton into small pieces and add it to your pile or bin, along with any other cardboard or paper waste you have. Just make sure you’re adding it with an equal amount of food scraps.

    #6 Get Crafty

    You can make a cute toy like this for your kids, they sure will fall in love with!

    #7 Give Them Away

    If you have eggs in the kitchen, you can reuse it to preserve them.

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