Easy DIY Garden Trellis Projects For Your Garden

Easy DIY Garden Trellis Projects For Your Garden

Trellises are beloved by gardeners because they can serve just as many functions, from simple structures meant to merely keep vining veggies from crawling across the dirt, to far more elaborate, studier designs that give shape and beauty to back patios, add a splash of floral color to otherwise plain walls, or provide shade and privacy to pathways. So, if you also are looking for a trellis to your garden, read our post to get inspiration. You can make it yourself with the help of the following DIY trellis ideas.
Easy DIY Garden Trellis Projects For Your Garden
All ideas that we’ve rounded up the best trellis projects to match a wide variety of styles and purposes from purely functional to easily elegant. Some of the DIY garden trellis projects below are made from recycled materials to give a look charming in an eclectic, kitschy garden. Whether you have vegetables or flowers, annuals or perennials, these simple DIY projects will help beautify your garden and keep your climbing vines happy. Save and try some!

#1 Rustic Wooden Climbing Bean Obelisk

#2 Recycled Coat Rack Plant Trellis

#3 Easy Homemade Wooden Vine Trellis

#4 Chic Lattice With Mirrored Backing

#5 Wood Flower Planter and Matching Trellis

#6 Simple and Stylish Garden Lattice

#7 DIY Chevron Trellis

#8 Repurpose Old Garden Tools Into a Trellis

#9 Rework an Old Window and Chicken Wire

#10 Craft a Flat Vertical Trellis