Peppermint is considered an herb with small leaves. Peppermint makes an excellent tea, and adds flavor to many foods. It is also very good for digestive problems. Many herbs are easy to grow, and it is definitely true for peppermint. It takes 3-4 weeks to grow your peppermint at home. This plants will make a nice addition to your herb garden. If you can want to learn how to grow peppermint, read these instructions below.


    1. Peppermint branches

    2. Sponge for nursery

    3. Sponge tray

    4. Water tray

    5. Knife cutter


    1. Soak the sponge to saturate water. Put in a sponge tray, then put a little in the tray.

    2. Pruning the mint leaves, leaving 3-4 cotyledons. Pin it onto the prepared sponge.

    3. Remove the mint tray. Place in the shade until the roots come out and move into the dim light

    4. During this time, add water to prevent the water from drying out and  add organic fertilizer (hormones, eggs, milk hormones). Adding mixed with water will help the substance grow faster.

    Ready to eat

    Learning how to grow peppermint is easy, right? A peppermint planting in your home garden can offer you so much more. Do you have any experience in peppermint cultivation? Please share your , methods and practices with One Million Ideas!

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