Flowering Houseplants To Add Color And Fragrance To Your Home

Flowering Houseplants To Add Color And Fragrance To Your Home

You love growing plant in your living space because it not only brightens your home but also helps you closer to nature. However, maybe you don’t know that there’s a big difference between keeping a plant alive and actually getting it to flower. So, when growing them for a long time but you still can’t see beautiful flowers, don’t despair, you just don’t have the experience to choose the right plants.
Flowering Houseplants To Add Color And Fragrance To Your Home
In the post today, we want to share Flowering Houseplants to Add Color and Fragrance to Your Home that you will be fall in love with their lovely flowers. Whether you are a master indoor gardener or not, it isn’t a big problem, all these here are for you. Some of these plant species are usually already flowering when you buy them, others are easier to make flowers at home with just basic care, and you can expect regular blooms. Keep reading to choose some plants that you love the most!

#1 African Violets

African violets are compact and free flowering with a wide variety of flower forms and colors. With careful watering, high humidity, and bright, but not direct, light. This plant is possible to coax forth several blooms every year.

#2 Poinsettias

Poinsettias have the big red bracts surrounding the flowers that we like so much.

#3 Orchids

Orchids have a dazzling variety of flowers in all colors and shapes. Some are breathtaking, some are strange, and some border on downright ugly.

#4 Peace Lilies

Peace lilies are often found in upscale home designs, their folded white flowers nodding peacefully over glossy leaves. These tropical plants prefer filtered light, warmth, and humidity.

#5 Begonias

Flowering begonias are usually thought of as outdoor plants. They are tough, undemanding, and free flowering. A simple and economical pot of begonias will yield a nice season of color.

#6 Bromeliads

Their flowers arise from the center of this cup in tall, colorful spikes of bracts. New bromeliad flowers often last for weeks or months and they have beautiful foliage.

#7 Desert Cacti

There are many varieties of cacti available, and about half of them can bloom in the average home. Give your cactus lots of sunlight, hold off on the water.

#8 Kalanchoes

Kalanchoes are easy to grow and almost as easy to bloom with clusters of small, upright flowers. It needs bright light and adequate water.

#9 Amaryllis

The amaryllis bears large, deeply colored flowers on tall stalks. They are available in red, salmon, pink, orange, and multicolor.

#10 Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus has beautiful, drooping red or pink flowers on unique, paddle-like foliage. They are usually purchased already in bloom, but it is possible to bring a Christmas cactus back to bloom.

#11 Hibiscus

The flowers of hibiscus are available in single and double forms, and in a dizzying array of colors. Some of the newer hybrids feature multicolored flowers as large as a salad plate. They require warmth, lots of light, humidity, and they are prone to several varieties of bugs.

#12 Anthurium

Anthurium has distinctive red flower structures that feature a heart-shaped red spathe from which emerges a white or yellow flower spike. They thrive on humidity, heat, ample water, bright light, and rich soil.