The tire gardening phenomenon came into being in 2006. This trend may not be very popular due to the controversy over the use of tyres about their dangerous metal content. Such materials, however, remain deep within the rubber tyres, and the deterioration would be the only way they can touch your lovely plants. Furthermore, it may take years for the process of deterioration of tyres.

    Adding to your pretty garden, the worn out tires are free, and tyre gardening is one of the most economic ways to garden.

    Why grow food in Tyres?

    The explanation for this is trouble-free planting. Growing potatoes, for example, in a tyre garden. The process begins by putting a sheet of cardboard under the tyre, adding potatoes and mud covering it. Mount one more tyre as the plant grows in height and follow the same cycle until these tyres are filled with buds that sprout. It’s also easy to harvest from them. Knock off the tyres and roll out the potatoes.

    The tyres can be stacked in a pile and used as small garden pots for flowers and vegetables too.

    Such miniature garden beds require less watering, and sun heat is absorbed by the black tyres, which encourages plant growth. This can be very useful for growing tomatoes, and you might be the first to enjoy the fresh and juicy tomatoes in a tyre in the neighborhood.

    DIY Tyre Hanging Planter

    The DIY Tyre Hanging Planter is another creative and space-saving way to use these tyres. To save room and go upright, this can be suspended from trees or walls. These are good for small shrubs and bulbs. For good drainage, drill 3-4 holes in the bottom and cover them with a weed barrier. Attach a mixture of potting and put the seed. And the DIY Tyre Hanging Planter is ready.

    This process of tyre gardening is very simple and it is one of the best examples of no-dig gardening method. So why wait? Start your own tyre garden today!

    Other creative ideas for using tyres

    1. Tyre Chair:

    2. Tyre Minion:

    3. Fantastic landscape using tyre:

    Why don’t you reuse and transform what others think as waste, simply adds to the beauty of nature? If you’ve got some spare tires, you can these DIY Tire Garden Ideas. These outdoor projects are easy to do as well. Happy Gardening!

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