How To Make Hanging Wall Round Planter

by Marry Dell

    No need to take care of the tree regularly, it only takes a little effort to mix all kinds of rock, succulent plants together, you will be extremely happy with the wonderful vitality by creating a mini garden to adorn for your home.

    How To Make Hanging Wall Rounded Planter

    This is way to create Hanging Wall Round Planter with colorful rocks, pretty containers, and a variety of realistic looking succulents. For busy people, the idea of designing a “garden” like this they will help your family’s living space more beautiful, more impressive. This mix idea is both easy and convenient that you can make by yourself. Start now!


    #1 Hanging circular planter

    #2 Small rock filler

    #3 Large rock filler

    #4 Variety of faux succulents

    #5 Wire cutter or heavy duty scissors


    #1 Let’s fill the planter by using the small rock filler, leaving about an inch of space at the top.

    #2 Stick firmly the entire stem of the hanging succulent into the rocks.

    #3 Cut one of the larger succulent bunches into separate pieces, you will have a better variety of sized succulents in the planter.

    #4 Shimmy each succulent stem into the rocks until the stem is mostly covered. Gently shake the planter to even the rocks out.

    #5 Add the large rocks to cover up any succulent stems that might be showing.

    #6 Your beautiful succulent planter is completed! Now, it is ready to hang on your wall. It is so beautiful, right?

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