Are you searching for a special container for your plants? Okay, this is one of the greatest ideas I’ve ever seen in a long time! With this way, the flowers look particularly beautiful. I just had to have one right now!

    For fun DIY gardening ideas, it doesn’t get much better than the elegance that should grace your yard. I’ve been busy making one of these with my dad, since he has got all the great power tools… Furthermore, he’s doing better than I do, and he’s a retired engineer! Honestly, this doesn’t look too hard, so I bet I’d manage to do this on my own since I wanted one so badly.

    Since making mine, I put a lot of flowering plants in it and some creeping plants on the sides of it. It’s just fantastic! Of course, we had to make one for my dad. She plants a lot of flowers, and she had a fit over this planter when she saw mine. Decorate with nature and add some pretty colorful flowers. All your neighbors are likely to be jealous of you.

    The very first thing you need to do is get a log… He uses white pine because it’s smoother wood and easier to work with. Then he cut lines into the wood, diagonally and horizontally, and saw his chain to put small grooves in it. Next, he uses a screwdriver to take out the little bits. He takes all of them out with a hammer and a screwdriver. Then he adds his potting soil, sand and fertilizer, along with his plants.

    Watch this tutorial video and find out how to make your own DIY log planter for your lovely garden. Your backyard will be gorgeous and full of color. Try it!

    Log Planter Transformation Tutorial

    There are so many advice on how to do this. It is the mix between forest vibe with the beauty of the natural world. Hope you like it!

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