‘I Need To Give You My Baby’, Young Mom Who Just Gave Birth For 15 Hours Rings Fire Station Doorbell

One evening in March 2015, an anonymous woman rang the doorbell of the Station 75 fire department in Santa Ana, California.

Chief Daryll Milliot opened the station door and saw a young mother standing there with a 15-hour-old newborn in her arms. “I need to give you my baby,” she said.

Then, a group of baffled firefighters — Daryll Milliot, Michael de Leon, Tyler Green, and Shawn Stacy received the baby girl from the anonymous woman’s arms.

“We did our best to compose ourselves, maintain professionalism and do what we needed to do,” Michael de Leon explained.

The firefighters fell in love with Baby Naomi, the first-ever baby surrendered to a fire station in Orange County. They were so happy with how things turned out for her.

NBC Los Angeles reported:

“Often when California’s Safe Surrender law has been mentioned in the news, the connotations are not joyous. It is often when a baby has been left behind, like the case of a days-old newborn left near a Compton riverbed buried under rubble, that officials remind the public of the Safe Surrender law that enables a parent to leave a newborn baby at a fire station or hospital anonymously, no questions asked, within the first 72 hours of birth.”

This story, fortunately, has a much happier ending than most. Naomi’s birth mother chose a safe surrender that put the baby in caring and capable hands.

Nine months later, Naomi was adopted and later reunited with her “unofficial uncles” who also attended her adoption ceremony. “It’s one of the highlights of my career by far,” added Michael de Leon, Orange County Fire Authority Engineer.