Lovely DIY Fairy Garden Ideas

by Marry Dell

    Looking for ideas to do with your kid at the weekend, you are landed in the right place to get inspiration. And our recommendation today is a fairy theme. Let’s imagine there is nothing more magical than a garden, right? Everything lies in a mini world with tiny furniture, cars, houses, and more, all of them are placed throughout the garden that makes your boring garden a more special, of course, your kids will fall in love immediately. Better, fairy gardens are easy and fun to do and you could design them with your kids. You know, kids’ creativity could surprise you as their imagination and ideas are awesome.
    Lovely DIY Fairy Garden Ideas
    Scrolling down, you will see our collection includes 21 different ideas, each has its own exciting and you can choose some to make. To make them, you just need to have your imagination and creativity. They’re inexpensive also and you can easily make them from unused, recycled materials such as broken pots, teacups, colanders, galvanized baskets,… Now, it’s time to turn off your television and join outdoor activities with your baby!

    #1 Fairy Tree House Garden

    #2 Fairy Mushroom House Garden

    #3 Fairy House, Bridge, and Furniture Built into Stump

    #4 Wood Fairy House and Decorations Built into Garden

    #5 Close-up Of Fairy Garden In A Large Planter Pot

    #6 Flower Pot with Detailed Fairy Garden

    #7 Three Fairy Garden Large Flower Pots Connected with Miniature Log Bridges Set In Garden

    #8 Fairy Popsicle Stick House Garden

    #9 Twinkling Garden

    #10 Fairy Container Garden

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