Magic Effects Of Yogurt In Gardening

Magic Effects Of Yogurt In Gardening

Yogurt contains some of every nutrient that your body needs such as calcium, B vitamins, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium. Just like humans, plants also love to be watered with milk including yogurt, fresh milk. Of course, we want to mention the excess yogurt of each family. So in the article today we want to share Magic Effects Of Yogurt In Gardening that you should that you will need for your gardening tips.

Using yogurt will help your plants grow better thanks to the high calcium content of milk that limits the stunting of plants. Resistance to pests and diseases also occurs at the same time. In addition, the beneficial bacteria in yogurt will help the soil more porous so that the roots can grow steadily, and just requiring little chemical fertilizer. This experience has been applied very successfully in households, especially in families with young children, who have the habit of using yogurt every day. These are great ways to grow tasty and organic vegetables to provide daily meals in the most natural way. Check them out.

#1 Perfect Mildew Killer

Use yogurt in the garden to protect your plants against fungal diseases such as rot, molds, and powdery mildew. Take 1 tablespoon plain yogurt, in a cup of water, and fill the mixture in a spray bottle.

#2 Add to Compost

Spread the yogurt deeply inside the compost and cover it with sawdust and leaves. This addition is going to promote soil fertility and the microbe rate.

#3 As a Fertilizer

You can use yogurt, as a natural organic fertilizer in your garden. It provides nitrogen and phosphorus to the soil. Mix it with water, in 50:50 ratio, and pour it around roots of the plants, once or twice in a month. The application of yogurt will improve the plant’s nitrogen intake ability.

#4 For Growing Moss

Yogurt is one of the best mediums to grow moss. To do this, mix one cup of yogurt with 2 spoons of moss in a blender until it forms a thick paste. Pour this on the desired space where you want it to grow. Water the surface regularly, and it’ll flourish in no time!

#5 For Citrus Trees

You can apply a cup or two of plain yogurt around the base of the lemon or other citrus trees during the growing season, once in 4-6 weeks, for healthy and strong growth of the plant.