Old Door and Window Projects For Decorating Garden

Old Door and Window Projects For Decorating Garden

Instead of throwing leaky and creaky doors and windows out, you can turn them to be useful with a new life in the garden. You know that, when one door closes, another exciting DIY opportunity opens, and old doors in your home are great examples to try. There are countless creative uses for old doors and windows in the garden to add something fun to your garden, this list has something to keep you busy creating.
Old Door and Window Projects For Decorating Garden
Whether you like the rustic or painted, there are plenty of ways to use them as structures and art. Maybe they are a fence or wall, gate, or table dinner, and more. Old doors can become part of functional areas in your garden. If you want to add an extra touch of blooming freshness to the garden, some plants and flowers are great companions. All of them are collected here and ready to be tried. Whatever you choose, they’ll bring a sense of rustic charm to your garden spaces. Check them out to find some ideas to get you started.

#1 Old Door Plant Holder

#2 Antique Door Wooden Wall Shelf

#3 Old Door Hanging Plant Stand

#4 Hang an Old Door on the Fence

#5 Reclaimed Door Garden Divider

#6 Reclaimed Doors make the Garden Wall

#7 Kitchen Herb Garden with an Old Door

#8 Old Door Outdoor Decor Idea with Chalkboard Signs

#9 Old Door Garden Gate

#10 Farmhouse Barn Door with Wreath

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