Plants Can Help Reduce Eye Strain When You Use Mobiles and Computers

Plants Can Help Reduce Eye Strain When You Use Mobiles and Computers

Nowadays, we have to spend a lot of time working on a screen, that also is the reason why our eyes constantly water from for long hours. However, this problem will be improved! In this post today, we will share some of the Plants that Can Help Reduce Eye Strain. Whether you have to look at mobiles or computers for a long time, it is no worry more. Are you ready to explore them?
Plants Can Help Reduce Eye Strain When You Use Mobiles and Computers
If you are constantly on your phone or computer, there is a chance that you will get some stress, headache, dry skin, fatigue, and eye ache due to the long exposure to these objects. Growing plants can help you have more energy, decrease your levels of stress, and cut down the frequency of headaches that are often connected to radiation. So, for a happier, and more productive you, these plants are great ways to choose from. Save them and bring some of them into your living space now!

#1 Snake Plant

Image Credits: The Spruce

Snake Plant can absorb electromagnetic radiation from various electronic equipment. And with smartphones, this plant can reduce the heat radiation emitted for 20 minutes (according to a study conducted at the Department of Chemistry, IPB University, Indonesia).

#2 Spider Plant

Image Credits: The Spruce

Spider Plant also absorb electromagnetic field potently and you can hang it above your desk, ( this is proven by a study conducted at the Department of Biochemistry at the Graduate Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, in Kolkata, India)

#3 Pothos

Image Credits: Plantheartcity

In a study conducted at the Department of Horticulture Sciences, Korea, it was found that touching the leaves of golden pothos has a calming and peaceful effect on the mind by suppressing autonomic nervous system activity in young adults.

#4 Betel Leaf Plant

Image Credits: Krishijagran

According to the National Library Of Medicine thanks to the betel’s hydroxyl and superoxide radicals scavenging property along with its lymphoproliferative activity, it prevents the harmful effects of gamma and radio waves.

#5 Rosemary

Image Credits: Fast Growing Trees

This herb is quite a potent plant against the harmful effect of cell phone electromagnetic radiation on the parotid glands. The herb also plays a vital role against the electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones through its antioxidant activity.

#6 Basil

Image Credits: Gardening Know How

Basil is considered sacred in many Indian households is also a good option to relieve one from stress and anxiety. This herb absorbs the electromagnetic radiation emitting from the laptop screen and it is one of the best plants to grow on your work desk.