Recycle Old Wine Bottles To Create Gorgeous Garden Edging

Do you really want to keep throwing away all those bottles of wine? You will have another decision when you see this surprisingly creative DIY project for your lovely garden. Transform your old wine bottles into this gorgeous garden edging by following this cool tutorial.

Simple enough for amateurs, this fun DIY wine bottle will get you outdoors and getting ready for spring and summer cookouts. Bottles are not as difficult to set in the ground as you might imagine.

Last weekend, I tried this around one of my new garden beds, and the result is more than impressive. I really love recycle stuff, and this outdoor DIY project is one of the most simple and most satisfying I’ve attempted lately.

You can save your bottles of wine and reuse them for your landscaping needs. Learn how to make a free garden wall with your old bottles. You can choose a solid color or combine various colors for a more imaginative look in the yard. Check out the step-by-step video tutorial and learn!

What You Need:

Wine Bottles



Step 1

Dig a trench using your shovel as deep as half of the height of the wine bottle.

Step 2

Place your wine bottles carefully side by side on the trench.

Step 3

Fill the sides with soil starting on one of the bottles to make it stand and make sure its stable.

Step 4

Once you are done with all of the bottles, stomp on the side to make the loose soil solid.

Step 5

Water the soil to make the bottles more stable and DONE.

This is an easy DIY craft that makes a huge impact on your garden. Anyone up for a picnic?