Striped Nail Designs That You Will Be Obsessed With

Itching to stunning stripes for your beautiful nails? They surely make your nails less boring. Some simple colored striped lines are enough to create the different for your nails. If you want them to be more eye-catching, glitter stripes should be your pick. We can’t deny that we get more confident when having beautiful nails. You look pretty when going to work, having a walk with friends, or attending at a weekend party. Amazing!


Here are 30 striped nail designs that you will be obsessed with. They do beautifully with a number of nail shapes, ranging from natural to acrylic coffin nails. The point here is just to pick out some of your favorite and give them a try. Some are easy enough for you (and a bunch off friends) to do at home while some need to be cared by manicurists. They require more effort and cleverness. Ready to give them a look? Let’s get started!

#1 Bridal Pink And White Striped Nails

#2 Basic Striped Square Nails

#3 Matt Black Fake Nails

#4 Navy and White Stripe Nail Wrap

#5 Naked Gold Glitter Bling Fake Nails

#6 Cute Striped Nails

#7 Cute Striped Nails

#8 Nude Nails with Navy Blue, Orange, and White Stripes

#9 Unique Striped Nails

#10 Nails with Stripes and Dots

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