Sunflower Skulls Are The Unique Ideas For A Crazy Day And Haunting Halloween

Halloween is coming to town! On this time, we are free to make our homes more creepy and crazy than usual. Usually, this means simply adding a few jack o’lantern or skull decor pieces, or some bats, creepy pumpkin, witchy items.

This DIY tip sunflower skull display is perfect to mesh Halloween spook with the beauty of fall florals.

Beejay Olson is a business owner, and artist who completely DIYs his Halloween decor.

He’s been posting his spooky projects on his Instagram account @beejay.oslon_art.

This watering can prop was a plain old dollar store watering can and some plastic bones.

Old things never die!

This fence and these tombstones were crafted by scratch.

He’s the best Halloween DIYer!

This is what the fence looked like before he painted it.

I bet you would never guess wasn’t bought new from a home decor store!

He also crafted these incredibly creepy skull sunflowers.

They merge fall and Halloween into one amazingly display, and they could not be more perfect for Halloween.

On his Instagram, Beejay told that he had been working on these skull flowers since the previous year

It’s been a labor of creepy Halloween love.

Here’s the whole display all set up and going.

It’s the amazing Halloween display for gardens that need a little seasonal face lift.

He tended to make these part of a larger Halloween prop display, which he was able to hammer out in less than two weeks!

He doesn’t reveal how he created these but as we can see, it looks like he must have glued each sunflower petal to the skull, and may be he also hand-painted the skulls.

The display is more beautiful at darkness

And not surprised, he added a skeleton lawn flamingo to tie the whole display together.

Day by day, he adds more spooky elements to his display.

Just when you think the display is already perfect, Beejay keeps surprising us time to time!

Beejay’s display is definitely Halloween decor goals.

Some people have got their own skullflowers going on, too! The pink and burgundy flowers here tames the creepy vibes of the skulls a bit.

Here’s one in the making.

My prediction on how to make them seems right.

Your skullflowers don’t have to be huge displays!

Sometimes, it’s all about the tiny details.

Beejay’s display can be the suggestion for you to make some skullflowers this Halloween. Hope you have a crazy day!