The Best Hair Tips: How To Get Gorgeous Blonde Hair

by Fannie

    Have you given blonde hair a thought? Here are some important suggestions from a stylist with over ten years of experience that you might want to think about before making the big decision to dye your hair blonde.

    #1 Is blonde hair a good idea?

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    Primarily, you have to be concerned about the porosity of your hair because you can only go blonde with healthy hair and the willingness to nurture it further. After all, lifting hair color is destructive.

    #2 Get ready to go blonde

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    Your major objective should be to achieve the healthiest hair possible. It’s simple; give your hair a 20-minute treatment with the hair mask once or twice a week.

    #3 Variations in style and upkeep

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    There are numerous coloring methods available nowadays. You may select from the following suggestions, depending on your base color, desired level of blondeness, and commitment:

    Traditional and Babylight Highlighting require upkeep after 2–3 months. These can be applied to most hair kinds and tones.
    Balayage needs 3-6-month maintenance. This technique is most suitable for natural blonde to light brown hair.
    Foilayage requires maintenance after 2-4 months and is appropriate for dark brunettes going blonde.
    Bleach and tone, which needs more regular upkeep (6-8 weeks), is the best method for people looking for a platinum look.

    #4 Select a professional hairstylist

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    Nowadays, you can easily find a hairstylist through social media, but referrals are also an effective way.

    When you encounter someone with hair you appreciate, don’t be afraid to compliment them and also inquire about their stylist.

    Besides, you should find out if the stylists provide free in-salon consultations before the service date.

    #5 Make a plan

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    After you reach the salon, avoid making any other significant commitments in the next five hours. Make sure you bring everything you need and arrive by yourself.

    #6 Manage your expectations

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    Be practical as the hair stylists can only deal with the things you provide them. Think about the texture, manageability, and hair type you have.

    #7 Consider the expenses

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    Remember “ you get what you pay for”, so don’t be fooled by an unbelievably low price. If cost is a deciding element for you, ask your stylist whether styles will require high, average, or low upkeep.

    #8 Let the experts do their job

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    Do you intend to dye your hair blonde on your own? Don’t do that, as bleach is an aggressive chemical that ought to be used by professionals only.

    #9 Hair care at home

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    Be prepared to give your blonde hair enough TLC because it is more vulnerable. Request advise from your hairdresser before you leave the salon but not from social media. Your stylist won’t give you bad advice.

    Here are the best products for blonde hair that you can try at home:
    Blonde Protective Shampoo & Conditioner: Some of the best choices are B3 Color Care Shampoo, Redken All Soft, Pureology Strength Cure, and Blonde Idol.
    Salon Quality Hair Mask: You should try L’oreal Professional Absolute Repair, BlondeMe Keratin Restore Mask, or Olaplex No. 3 or 8.
    Leave-in Conditioner: Some excellent options are Monat Restore Leave-In, Waterfall, Living proof frizz, and RandCo Sun Catcher.

    #10 Follow-up appointments

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    They are vital to blonde hair! Getting treatment or lightening your hair might be necessary.

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