These 20 Stunning Chic & Hip Tattoos For Women Will Enrich Your Look

by Marvis

    In this article, we would like to give you some ideas about chic and hip tattoos – the perfect spots for a glamorous look.

    Because of the increasing diversity of the modern tattoo scene, choosing the right tattoo is a big question. Nowadays, there are a variety of styles to select from watercolor tattoos to black and gray designs which created by talented artists. The position of the tattoo is also vital, so how choosing the best places for your tattoos could be difficult as well. We are here to help you find the most interesting and unique tattoo ideas. 

    The tattoos in the collection below are created by highly skilled tattoo artists from around the world. Hope you will choose the right pictures that match your style. Happy sharing!


    Source: Chenjie


    Source: @dasha_sumtattoo


    Source: Angelika Ferrous


    Source: Jai Cheong


    Source: Max Arnautov


    Source: Antonina Rostra


    Source: Miss Trudy


    Source: Simona Blanar


    Source: Plath Victoria


    Source: Tritoan Ly


    Source: ???? ???? ♢


    Source: Renan Sampaio


    Source: ??????? ?????


    Source: CJ?


    Source: Max Arnautov


    Source: Charly Sacler


    Source: dahong


    Source: s e r g e


    Source: Наташа ANIMAL

    Why are more and more women choosing hip tattoos? For this question, there’s an idea that the hip is one of the sexiest parts of your body. Tattoos that are located here, right at the beautiful curves of your body will further enhance your already attractive look. Furthermore, the size of the design you choose will be one of the determining factors. While small designs can go just about anywhere, larger ones will need a bigger and relatively flat area. Then a tattoo that places on the chic will be a great idea.

    For those who are looking for hip or chic tattoos but are not convinced by any of the designs above, we would like to suggest some ideas like Flowers, Writing, Symbols, Mandalas, and Mythical creatures. Besides, you can try other styles such as Tribal, Geometric, Watercolor, Biomechanica, and Symmetrical hip tattoos.

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