This Galaxy Pumpkin Will Blow Your Mind On This Halloween

This is a fun and unique idea for making a super amazing DIY pumpkin this Halloween! It’s easy to make a galaxy-inspired jack-o’-lantern to add a festive vibe to your house.

I’m losing things. Yeah, all the time. So when I lost a black fake pumpkin Rob I was barely shocked. We found every corner. And, at least I looked everywhere and thought that Rob helped:) But the trunk of my car doesn’t seem to be included anywhere. Or perhaps it does. The thing is black and it gets darker and darker. Maybe it was camouflaged unintentionally and quite well. You don’t know!

All the time when we went back to Michael’s, I would dither about whether or not I should buy another black pumpkin, but in the end, I have decided to spend more and would refuse. I was so excited to kick my trunk instead of the gas cap and HELLO BLACK PUMPKIN!

I literally ran and put that sucker in my office as quickly as I could get out of it, and I made it into a crazy tricked galaxy pumpkin that I went after with my cordless drill and turned into a galaxy jack-o-lantern. I love it! And Ellen, Rob’s Momma really likes it, so we have a decision. This is fantastic sucker! Would you like to make your own? It’s just like the Galaxy Eggs I made last year, but on a larger scale. Furthermore, you can light up the galaxies from the inside, which, in my opinion, makes it even more amazing!

To do this project you will need:

Black fake pumpkin
Craft paint (see below for the colors)
Christmas lights
Power drill and various bits

I highly suggest starting with a BLACK pumpkin because they’re really good at NOT letting light shine through the foam portion.

Bust out the craft acrylics in shades of blue, teal, purple and pink. Later you’ll also need black, white and gold paints. A paper plate makes an brilliant palette.

Brush on shades of your blue onto the pumpkin, rubbing it on so that it’s not totally opaque. An old brush that is going to hit the trash can works well for this.

Go over the blue by dabbing the black paint here and there, and use a paper towel to rub it in and soften the blue without completely covering it.

Add galaxies around the pumpkin by first daubing your darkest blue color and working up to a lighter blue. Don’t just brush it on, dab it. Consider the darkest color the largest form, making each color smaller and smaller as you go. The colors don’t have to be exactly within each other, feel free to dub outside the initial form for interesting texture and style. Let these colors dry completely.

Continue to bright pink with purples, daub wet on dried, then allow the paint to dry completely.

Paint gold daubs around and on top of your galaxy forms by using a sponge comb. Go through the whole pumpkin with quick, tiny black paint dabs. Go over the whole pumpkin with quick,tiny dabs of black paint.

Thin out a small amount of white water paint and flick to your pumpkin with a stiff brush or an old toothbrush to make a star. Allow to dry.

Then, you’ll need to find constellations online to switch to your pumpkin. FYI – the guy up there happens if you’re looking for an image of Ursa Major and the man gave me such a giggle.

Print out the constellations that you can only find and move a pen through each point of the star onto your pumpkin to make a guide. Drill holes in the direction spots to make your constellations. You can “connect dots” to your constellations to make them easier to find, if you like.

Once you’ve done your constellations around the pumpkin, drill a lot smaller holes all around to make tiny pinpoint-like stars.

Drill a large hole into the bottom and shove Christmas lights up inside. Then, this galaxy pumpkin becomes the most magical galaxy jack o’lantern.

Take care to use the correct lighting to keep your pumpkin isn’t getting too hot. I said that because I used a candelabra base and mine isn’t going to catch fire anytime soon, but it gets too hot after a while of being on. LED Christmas lights are a much better option for smaller pumpkins, of course.

Now what do you think? Is this every bit as awesome as the galaxy Easter eggs? Or maybe is it even more awesome? Since this sucker lights up I’m going with MORE AWESOME!

So, what do you think about this DIY project? Is this just as cool as the Galaxy Easter Egg or even more stunning? I’m pretty sure that this Galaxy Pumpkin will light up your Halloween night.