Top 15 Drought-Tolerant Flowers

Top 15 Drought-Tolerant Flowers

#11 Red Hot Poker

Red Hot Poker is a beautiful bright perennial that is low maintenance and doesn’t require frequent watering. They grow best in full sun and need plenty of space to spread out in the garden.

#12 Butterfly Bush

Butterfly bush is a drought-tolerant deciduous shrub that doesn’t require much ongoing maintenance. It can become invasive so it’s a good idea to remove the dead flower heads to stop the seeds from spreading.

#13 Lantana

The lantana is a hardy tropical plant, full-fledged for its fragrant colorful flowers. The lantana tolerates heat and drought and can be grown in any soil type. This plant is also easy to grow in decorative planters.

#14 Euphorbia

Euphorbia is very easy to grow and will tolerate drought conditions and poor soil.

#15 Valerian

Valerian is an easy to grow flowering herb that is very low maintenance. The plants will come back each year and they don’t require too much water, so they’re perfect for dry climates.

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