Top 20 Fastest-Growing Vegetables

by Marry Dell

    Owning an organic garden is not only give you fresh vegetables but also bring you exciting experiences in life. In the post today, we want to introduce the top 20 vegetables that grow easily in your garden, especially all of them can be harvested in a short time. So, if you are finding ways to shorten the cultivation time, these vegetables are for you. Growing them, means you are filling the space as well as get fresh food all time. Check them out with us.

    They are nutritious vegetables, so you can easily turn them into any dishes that your family loves eating. Moreover, instead of spending your time buying them outside, when you grow them right in your garden, they always ready to serve your daily meal. You also don’t have to take your effort a lot to care for them as they are easy to grow with the best basic care. Now, save and grow some for your garden right now!

    #1 Arugula (from 20 to 40 days)

    #2 Beets (from 40 to 70 days)

    #3 Broccoli Raab (from 40 to 60 days)

    #4 Endive (from 35 to 50 days)

    #5 Kale (from 30 to 65 days)

    #6 Kohlrabi (from 40 to 50 days)

    #7 Leaf Lettuce (from 40 to 60 days)

    #8 Mache/ Corn salad (from 45 to 50 days)

    #9 Mesclun Greens (from 30 to 45 days)

    #10 Mibuna (from 21 to 40 days)

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