Vegetables You Can Grow In 1-gallon Containers

by Marry Dell

    When it comes to planting, gardens or large containers are usually used for plant growth. But, there are several veggies that can grow in small size containers like 1-gallon containers. And you can improvise from old beverage containers, like water jugs to have your own vegetables. Everyone who can find an empty container around the home, prepare seeds, and soil can grow vegetables. Here is the list of the easiest-to-grow vegetable you can start in 1-gallon containers.
    Vegetables You Can Grow In 1-gallon Containers
    They are green onion, lettuce, swiss chard, spinach, and more, all can easily grow well in 1-gallon containers. Thanks to their shallow root systems, 1-gallon buckets are deep enough to accommodate the roots of most of the vegetables while narrow enough that you can fit many of them in small spaces, such as a porch, patio, or balcony. In addition, 1-gallon containers are also lightweight so you can easily move them inside if bad weather threatens the health of these vegetables. Even, you can grow them right in the home on the windowsill.

    #1 Green Onion

    Source: Noobcook

    Green Onions grow easily anywhere when they do not produce a large bulb, they fit snugly in small containers. You can harvest them periodically for the onion greens, or pull up the whole plant when the bulbs are large enough

    #2 Lettuce

    Source: Gardeningchores

    Lettuce is one of the easiest green leafy vegetables. It has a small, compact size which makes it a perfect option to place in a small container window garden

    #3 Swiss Chard

    Source: Gardeningknowhow

    Swiss Chard can grow in smaller containers as long as given moist soil. Although get root bound in a small 1-gallon container, it will fit and still produce strong.

    #4 Spinach

    Source: Smallgreenthings

    Spinach is a very small plant, so it can fit well in nearly any gardening space.

    #5 Strawberry

    Source: Garden.lovetoknow

    Although Strawberries aren’t a vegetable, they also are one of the smallest fruits growing well in containers. The roots of the Strawberry do not take up too much space, so it can fit a 1-gallon container.

    #6 Cilantro

    Source: Preparednessmama

    Cilantro can be sown directly in the soil in a container. It will quickly give the first green leaves to add flavor to your dishes.

    #7 Basil

    Source: Pixabay

    Basil is a perfect plant to grow both outdoors and indoors. The fresh leaves can be continuously picked. It is very easy to propagate from both seeds or cuttings.

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