Wine Glass Terrarium Ideas For Mini Indoor Gardens

by Marry Dell

    There are many old wine glasses in your kitchen but you don’t have any ideas to reuse them. Look no further, you are landed in the right place to find your own inspiration as well as give them a second life. Here is the list of the 22 Wine Glass Terrarium Ideas for Mini Indoor Gardens that you will interesting to turn into cute and lovely mini-gardens in your home. Now instead of tossing them out, the wide range of creative ideas are waiting for you, spend your time to learn about them.
    Wine Glass Terrarium Ideas For Mini Indoor Gardens
    These ideas here are new ways to use them. All you need is an unused glass, potting soil, sand or gravel, and your favorite plants. You can use succulents, cacti, air plants, some other indoor plants as they are low maintenance but so beautiful. If you want to create an interesting texture, you can also add rocks and moss on top of the soil in your garden. After that, they are easy to become adorable container gardens to place in any space of your home such as tabletop, desk, or window sill… Trying them and seeing the excitement.

    #1 White Sand Desert with Succulent

    #2 A Red Indoor Plant Is Center to Make Out Stand Green Plants Beside

    #3 Trailing Succulents in Tall and Short Glasses

    #4 Unique Wild Plant In A Wine Glass

    #5 Two Mini Succulent Gardens in The Two Wine Glass with The Same Shape

    #6 A Mini Succulent Garden With Fairy Old Man

    #7 Mini Succulents with White Pebbles and A Fake Mushroom

    #8 Fake Plants with Mini Pebbles In A Red Wine Glass

    #9 Two Small Plants in a Large Wine Glass

    #10 Succulent In A Colorful Glass

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