Earth is our only home, but we seem to forget this sometimes. It’s a present to us, and we need to look after it, but we’re not always successful. But some people are true heroes who are really concerned to save the world, to look after its future, and to do their best to maintain its amazing beauty.

    Pat Smith, from Cornwall, UK, acknowledged the pollution problem and make her own huge action to solve it. “With age comes wisdom”, One Million Ideas is inspired and wants to share this experience with all you guys.

    Pat Smith, a a 70-year-old UK grandmother, saw a documentary about plastic pollution and very worried about the serious problem. She couldn’t sleep that night. She wanted to do something about it when she woke up next morning. So for the coming year in 2018, she set a challenge for herself-she wanted to clean up one beach per week. How wonderful she is!

    The people in her hometown of Cornwall supported her idea and in 2018 Pat Smith, along with some volunteers and her grandchildren, fulfilled her resolve and cleaned up 52 Cornwall beaches. However, this is not the end of the story-she has tried to make the world a better place with her project.

    Pat Smith has also launched a campaign called The Final Straw, her purpose is to raise awareness of the uselessness and damage of plastic straws and make it straw-free for her home town of Cornwall and the rest of the world.

    Drinking straws is an obvious example of huge quantities of totally unnecessary single-use packaging. It all ends up killing marine life in landfills and oceans. Each plastic straw is going to outlive each person currently living on the planet.

    Even small things can cause global problems accidentally, and we are all responsible for that. But we can help solve it as well. Pat Smith has shown that there is always a way to contribute and change a situation for the better.

    She said that “It’s just what I do and hopefully my grandchildren will be doing the same thing. I won’t stop, as our beaches need me!” What an inspiration! We can only thank her for such an inspiring tale. Are you ready to join Pat Smith and get rid of plastic straws too? Share your thoughts with One Million Ideas!

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