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10 Beautiful Indoor Plants That Have Color Like Rose

by Marry Dell

Roses have bright colors that can add a magnificent dash of colors to any room. That is the reason why many people love growing these beautiful flower types around the house. However, after cutting them and bring in your home, they just feature pretty flowers for a short time and then fade. Instead of chasing petals and adding different species that bloom in various seasons, there’s a better way to keep the color in your home with indoor plants that have the same tones on their leaves and flowers year-round.
10 Beautiful Indoor Plants That Have Color Like Rose
These 10 Beautiful Indoor Plants That Have Color Like Rose give the famous hue of rose in the magnificent shade of red-pink that you will fall in love with. These bright, beautiful indoor plants surely liven up your indoor garden with no vase needed. Like other indoor plant types, they are easy to grow with basic care. Grow them in your rooms for the awesome colors!

#1. Calathea Rosey

Image source: Plantbanks

Calathea Rosey has a large oval-shaped with green margins and shows a pink center with purple undersides.

#2. Florida Sweetheart Caladium

Image source: Longfieldgardens

Florida Sweetheart Caladium produces broad and small-sized foliage in pink-red shades.

#3. Anthurium

Image source: Gardens4you

Anthurium is a beautiful houseplant that shows off waxy, heart-shaped red spathes.

#4. Blushing Bride

Image source: Greg

Blushing Bride is a strap pink cultivar. It produces rose-pink spots with green borders on heart-shaped leaves.

#5. Valentine

Image source:  Reddit

This Valentine produces large rosettes of burgundy leaves with light red margins.

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#6. Powder Puff Cactus

Image source: Succulentsbox

Powder Puff Cactus features pink or rose-colored blooms. It has globular to cylindrical stems with several white, hair-like radial spines.

#7. Poinsettia

Image source: Dammannsgardenco

Poinsettia features rose-colored leaves with other dark foliage plants indoors.

#8. Beleaf Begonia

Image source: The Spruce

Beleaf Begonia features a rose-hued houseplant with large heart-shaped leaves.

#9. Earth Star

Image source: Greenpluslife

Earth Star has star-shaped leaves flaunt red, pink, bronze, green shades.

#10. Lindsayana Echeveria

Image source: Cedarcreekfarmhouse

Lindsayana Echeveria is a beautiful succulent that has soft magenta leaf tips.

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