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10 Best Squash Companion Plants

by Marry Dell

Do you want to know simple tricks to implement when growing your squash plants that can make growing it easier and help produce better crops? Utilizing companion plants is one of the most common tricks that provide benefits to squash. Squash plants can benefit from a variety of different companion plants, which not only make growing squash easier but also can help your yield better by the time they are ready for harvest.
10 Best Squash Companion Plants
And here are the 10 Best Squash Companion Plants you should know for a high yield. Apart from benefiting the growth of your squash plants, these companion plants can also be harvested themselves, creating more products for the kitchen, even you can give them to your friends if you already have much in the garden. At the same time, some companion plants display beautiful flowers to provide added beauty to your garden or landscape while they also work well in their major responsibility to improve your squash plants.

#1 Dill

10 Best Squash Companion Plants - 67Source: Gardeningfan

Dill is the best way to attract beneficial insects such as lacewings and ladybugs which love eating harmful pests, including cucumber beetles. The cucumber beetles are one of the most popular pests that damage vine crops such as squashes and cucumbers. So, growing dill near squash to help your squash plants thrive.

#2 Mint

10 Best Squash Companion Plants - 69Source: Ecofamilylife

To protect your squash from the entry of the deer and rabbit mammals, mint is an easy option that promises to keep planting well with your squash growth.

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#3 Oregano

10 Best Squash Companion Plants - 71Source: Thespruce

Oregano is a very aromatic herb that controls effectively cabbage moth pests. This harmful insect is not only for cabbages but also for other crops including squash plants. To protect your squash plants, grow this herb as a companion plant nearby.

#4 Borage

10 Best Squash Companion Plants - 73Source: Diggers

Known as the starflower, bee bush, bee bread, and bugloss, the flowers of the Borage attract pollinators to pollinate the squash flowers, which results in crop production. In addition, borage deters certain pest worms which eat away at leaves and damage root systems.

#5 Marigolds

10 Best Squash Companion Plants - 75Source: Bobvila

Marigolds actually attract pests such as squash bugs, aphids, squash vine borers, mosquitos, and whiteflies. So, to use the flower plants as a companion plant to your squash, grow them a short distance away, and will act by attracting those pesky insects to visit your marigolds instead of your squash.

#6 Beans

10 Best Squash Companion Plants - 77Source: Homedepot

Beans are great companion plants as they will add nitrogen to the soil providing nutrients for your squash plants.

#7 Nasturtiums

10 Best Squash Companion Plants - 79Source: Bing

Nasturtiums work as companion plants by producing pretty flowers to attract aphids which can cause heavy damage to squash plants.

#8 Icicle Radishes

10 Best Squash Companion Plants - 81Source: Picklesofwisdom

Icicle radish help to deter squash bugs and cucumber beetles which are the most notorious insects to harm your squash plants. To deter these insects, you just plant 2 -3 plants nearby.

#9 Peas

10 Best Squash Companion Plants - 83Source: Countrylife

Peas also introduce nitrogen into the soil helping your squash absorb this nutrient. Nitrogen is a major component of chlorophyll allowing the plant to do photosynthesis.

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#10 Garlic

10 Best Squash Companion Plants - 85Source: Newsweek

Garlic will deter aphids by emitting strong fragrant, so plant this plant near your squash.

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