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12 Easiest Garden Ideas To Grow Microgreen Indoors

by Marry Dell

When compared with other vegetables, microgreens contain more nutrients, which means they are better for human health. They have almost 5 times more nutrients and vitamins than full-grown vegetables. Instead of buying them available in the supermarket, you definitely grow this type right in your home. Growing them in the living space, you will have a chance to experience gardening but also have the best fresh and organic foods by yourself.
12 Easiest Garden Ideas To Grow Microgreen Indoors
Growing microgreens is so easy and quick. The average time of microgreens is about 10 days to 2 weeks, at this period, they are ready to harvest for the first time. You can grow microgreens in any container that is available. And the article today, we will introduce the 12 Easiest Garden Ideas To Grow Microgreen Indoors that will help you to grow these tasty and nutritious sprouts all year round. Plastic cups, eggshells, tin pails, coconut shells, and more, all can be turned into planters to grow healthy greens. Choose some and grow them now.

#1 Plastic Cups

Source: Faviddomoney

#2 Indoor Food Garden

Source: Dreamstime

#3 Inside Eggshells

Source: Nickgreens

#4 In Tin Pails

Source: Pinterest

#5 In Pots

Source: Thegardeningcook

#6 In A Vertical Growing Station

Source: Inhabitat

#7 In Coconut Shell

Source: Medium

#8 In Jar

Source: Donotdisturbgardening

#9 Glass Bowl

Source: Heatherreseck

#10 On the Kitchen Countertop

Source: Food52

#11 Tin Cans

Source: Intelligentdomestications

#12 In Cup

Source: 9inchideas

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